How to setup your NetID and create the new password (for First time users)

1.Go to Office Portal, click “Sign in.

first time user 1.jpg

 2.Enter your NetID followed by “” .


3.Enter the password of your NetID and click on “Sign in(for new enrolment/first time users, use the temporary NetID password received in Welcome email from ([email protected] [email protected]] ) .



4. You will be prompted to create a new password for your NetID, as shown be.

  • Enter your existing Net ID password in Current Password 
  • Enter/create new password * 
  • Re-enter the new password 
  • Click on Submit                                                                            


4.1 netid.jpg

  • While setting up the new password, please ensure: 
  • Not to use the existing password  
  • Minimum password length should be of 12 characters 
  • Password should not contain your name in the string 
  • Password must contain at least one English upper case, one English lower case, one numerical value & one special character 

5.In the next screen, the new password update message will appear, as shown below: 


6. Go to the Office Portal & Click on “Sign in”, Login with the NetID & password, as shown below:  Revisit to the .


7.You will be prompted to submit additional information for keeping the account secure, click on “Next .


8.On the next screen, click on “I want to setup a different method” as shown: 



 9.Select “Email” as shown below: 


10.Choose the method and click on “Confirm .


11.Enter your alternate personal email id and click on “Next”, as shown below: .








12.You will be prompted to enter the verification code received on your alternate email id:.


13.In the next screen, you will be prompted to enter and verify your mobile number.  Select the country code & enter your mobile 

number which will be used to receive the verification code Click on “Next”: .     



14.Enter the verification code received on your mobile number and click on “Next”.


15.You will receive confirmation of SMS verification and registration of the Phone number. Click  on Next”:


16.The next screen will provide you confirmation regarding the setup of your personal email id and mobile number. Confirm by clicking on Done”:  


17.You will be prompted to stay Signed in. Click on “Yes” as shown below: 


18.You will take you to login into Office portal, as the password for your NetID is set, as shown: 



  1. This Net ID & new password will also work for the University ERP login. 
  1. You will also use the new password when connecting to Staff Wi-Fi from all your devices when inside the University Campus. 
  1. Use the same credentials to access Lab desktops. 


For further details or issues, please write to [email protected] 


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