How to reset your Net ID Password

1.Go to Office portal,Click on “Sign in”.

Enter your NetID followed by “”. Click “Next”

reset passowrd 1.jpg

2.Click on “Forgot Password” as shown below:

reset password 2.jpg

3.Enter your NetID followed by “”. Enter text displayed in the Captcha and click on “Next”.

reset password 3.jpg

4. In Step 1 of verification, please click on “Email”. You will receive the verification code on your alternate/personal email id that you would have setup.

Reset password 4.jpg

5.Enter the verification code received on your personal email id and click “Next” as shown below:

reset passowrd 55.jpg

6. In Step 2 of verification requires you to enter your phone/mobile number. (This is the number you would have setup earlier). Click on “Text

Reset passowrd 6.jpg

7.Enter the verification code received on your mobile number, and click on “Next”

reset passowrd 7.jpg

8. Create a new password for your NetID and click on “Finish”

      *While setting up the new password, please ensure:

  • You do not use any previously used password
  • Minimum password length should be of 12 characters
  • Password should not contain your name
  • Password must contain at least one English upper case, one English lower case, one numerical value & one special
Reset passowrd 8.jpg

Click on “Finish” when done.

For further details or issues, please write to [email protected]

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