Q1 - What is URKUND?

 URKUND offers a fully-automated system for handling plagiarism.

  1. In short, the students send their documents to their faculty by e-mail.
  2. The documents are checked against three central source areas: Internet, published material and student material.
  3. If any document displays similarities with the content in the three sources, the system will flag it for possible plagiarism.
  4. An analysis overview is generated and sent by e-mail to the concerned faculty. The analysis overview is provided to the faculty in a simplified form, to determine if plagiarism has occurred.

Q2 - How Do I get an Urkund account?

 Only faculty require an Urkund account which they can get by contacting IT Helpdesk

Q3 - What file formats are supported by URKUND?

 URKUND supports the following file formats

  .doc, .docx, .sxw, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .html, .htm, .wps, .odt

Q4 - I have sent the wrong version of my document to my faculty/Professor. Is there any way for URKUND of stopping it so I can submit the correct version?

 Unfortunately no. URKUND is completely automated and a document that has entered the system can not be stopped before it is delivered. It is suggested, that you inform your faculty in case of any such situation.

Q5 - My faculty has informed me that he/she hasn't received any document from me even though I have received a confirmation e-mail from URKUND.

 Possible explanations:

1. You might have sent your document to a different faculty/Professor's analysis address. Check the address you entered in your e-mail.

2. Your faculty might have lost your document. Your faculty will however always be able to access your document through his/her personal web based inbox for URKUND mail available at www.urkund.com

3. An error might have occurred on the way -- between URKUND and your faculty. Show your confirmation e-mail to him/her and ask them to contact IT Helpdesk

Q6 - Do I have to install anything on my computer to use URKUND?

 No, you juse need to be able to send e-mails with attachments. 

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