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"Welcome to the Hub of Knowledge: Shiv Nadar IoE Wiki".

Configuration of Wifi.

♦Configuration of VPN.                                                                               

Configuration of Net ID.

 Acquainted with HPC.

♦ Acquainted with NCL.

Acquainted with VASP.

♦ Academia Installation

office 365 img.png

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that brings together a variety of Microsoft

applications delivered through their powerful cloud services. It offers productivity tools like Microsoft 'Word,'PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Teams  etc..........More

ms teams img.png
Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform part of Office 365 cloud-based subscription service. It primarily offers: Web Conferencing 

(with Audio and Video integration) ,Screen & Desktop Sharing Instant Messaging/Chat....More

grade submission system img.jpg
Grade Submission System is an application designed for faculty to input course-wise grades of the students. Grade rosters display up-to-date enrollment information. Only  course coordinators are authorized to submit grades for their course..........

You can access Grade Submission System from SNU Links:

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Click on ‘Grade Submission System’ to open this application

Step 3: Login with your NetID and password

In case of any issue, please write to 

crs evaluation survey.jpg

Course Evaluation Survey enables students to provide feedback on the course structure, faculty & the way the course is conducted. This application enables students to provide feedback for all the registered courses and associated faculties. Faculties can access their respective feedback provided by the student anonymously. Course related feedback helps to improve/ fine-tune course contents and lecture sessions.

Good feedback encourages faculties while not that good feedback helps faculties in modifying and improving his or her teaching.

blackboard lms img.png

Blackboard is a Learning Management System that allows administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs. Faculty member can add teaching contents for students to access online using Blackboard. Power point, Video, Audio, Animation and other contents that are created outside of Blackboard can be added into 

Blackboard courses to enhance teaching and learning experience

google suite for education img.png

Google Suite for Education is a cloud based platform consisting of various productivity tools like Mail, Drive, Calendar, Chat, Meet etc. These applications can be accessed from any web browser but  may be more stable and efficient when accessed through Google Chrome. (Chrome Browser is a free download for any operating system.)

Through the Google Apps for Education subscription provided by SNU, all University members have an 

unlimited storage capacity as long as they are affiliated with the University.

student attendance management system img.png

SAMS is a Student Attendance Management System that allows faculty to record or maintain attendance of students.

There are two ways to access SAMS as given below:

Through SNU Links:

  • Open Url “
  • After login, click on ‘SAMS – Student Attendance Management System’ to open the application.

Directly through URL:

User can directly open the application through URL given below: “

hpcc - magus img.jpg
Magus’ is SNU’s High Performance Computing cluster, designed to facilitate the computing needs of research projects and complex computing simulations undertaken at the University.

The key attributes of SNU HPC cluster are:

  • Total cores - 8064 (AMD)
  • 57 Compute Nodes, 2 Login Nodes, and 2 Master Nodes
  • 12 High memory nodes with local SSD
  • 2 GPGPU Nodes with 4 x A100 Tesla GPU
  • 4GB Memory Per core for Compute Nodes, with a total memory - 29,184 GB
  • 16GB Memory Per core for High Memory Nodes, with total memory - 12,288 GB
urkund img.jpg

URKUND offers a fully-automated system for handling plagiarism.

  1. In short, the students send their documents to their faculty by e-mail.
  2. The documents are checked against three central source areas: Internet, published material and student material.
  3. If any document displays similarities with the content in the three sources, the system will flag it for possible plagiarism.
  4. An analysis overview is generated and sent by e-mail to the concerned faculty. The analysis overview is provided to the faculty in a simplified form, to determine if plagiarism has occurred.
vdi virtual desktop infrastructure img.jpg

'Greater 'Agility

Rather than having to wait for the semester break or summer vacation, roll-out of applications and updates can be done through virtual desktops overnight. VDI enables us to deploy these applications to any device and at any time during the school term.

'No Physical 'Boundaries

Instead of updating computers in labs and classrooms one by one or running a remote program to target each device from the server infrastructure, virtual desktops can all be deployed quickly (sometimes within minutes) to any device. New leading edge classes can be offered without new labs or hardware. Students can collaborate in groups anywhere without the need for lab time or lab resources

24X7 Computing

VDI extends computer lab hours to ‘anytime and anyplace’, supporting the varied student work styles and allowing them to access the computer lab whenever they want from wherever they are.

Reduce IT cost and complexity

VDI in general, extends the life of existing desktop computers, allowing the University to reuse the aging PC inventory. The life of Legacy computers that are no longer powerful enough to run the latest applications can be extended, as virtual clients. Also, VDI allows us to run legacy applications securely within the virtual desktop infrastructure. For instance students can use specialized 3D software applications from any device. Moreover student data, files and personalized settings are securely stored centrally on server infrastructure.

'Better Use of Application 'Licences

Application which are not used regularly but are required by multiple labs can be reused.

Easy support for BYOD and mobility

One huge challenge in higher education is supporting the myriad of devices, many of them student mobile devices. With VDI students and faculty can run any application, anywhere, at any time on or outside the campus on their personal devices in a secure manner. Faculty and students can use completely different operating systems to access varied desktop environment and

e-learning img.jpg

Please visit the below mentioned URL:

Login with your SNU NetID and password.

24x7 study areas img.jpg

The 24X7 Study areas, with wired Internet connectivity are situated in:

  • Library (E-wing)
  • Hostel 1A
  • Hostel 1B
  • Hostel 2A
  • Hostel 2B
  • Hostel 3A
  • Hostel 3B

impartus img.jpg
Impartus is a video-based learning platform that enables educators to capture, edit, and distribute content. It provides students the deeper understanding of their topics as they review classroom content at any time, from anywhere.

Impartus lecture capture solution is designed to help...

  • Students: Learn more effectively in less time
  • Faculty: Deliver a more comprehensive learning experience, adopt modern teaching methods (like "Flipped" classrooms), and improve the quality of their instruction

By providing a single location where students can...

  • Review previous lectures at whatever pace is most effective for the individual
  • Create notes for future reference in the context of the lecture, making for a richer reference experience
  • Create playlists of lecture clips ("bookmarks") for more effective study resources
  • Engage directly with professors, even anonymously, providing a new and open channel for more comprehensive learning
  • Reference additional relevant content (documents, links and videos) provided by their professors

By providing a single location where faculty can...

  • Review, edit and publish recorded lectures to ensure their students are provided with the most effective instruction
  • Deliver additional relevant content (documents, links and videos) for a deeper learning experience
  • Engage directly with students, providing a new and open channel for more comprehensive learning
  • Audit their own instructional style and content from a new perspective, allowing for on-going self-improvement