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Q1 - What is ‘Magus’ - HPCC?

 ‘Magus’ is SNU’s High Performance Computing cluster, designed to facilitate the computing needs of research projects and complex computing simulations undertaken at the University.

The key attributes of SNU HPC cluster are:

  • Total cores - 8064 (AMD)
  • 57 Compute Nodes, 2 Login Nodes, and 2 Master Nodes
  • 12 High memory nodes with local SSD
  • 2 GPGPU Nodes with 4 x A100 Tesla GPU
  • 4GB Memory Per core for Compute Nodes, with a total memory - 29,184 GB
  • 16GB Memory Per core for High Memory Nodes, with total memory - 12,288 GB

Q2 - How do I get an account on the HPC?

 To request a new Account on Magus please visit the below link:

 Link :Account Login

Q3 - How can I connect to Magus

 For more detailed information, please refer to the following link. 

Link :[index.php/Magus02  Magus detailed Information]

Q4 - How can I get more information on 'Magus' - SNU HPCC?

 Please visit HPC Wiki page available on SNU Intranet:

 Link : SNU HPC Wiki page

You can also contact HPC Admin for specific compute needs or write to IT Helpdesk